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At Safe Harbor Free Clinic, all our medical staff are volunteers - and a very special group of people. Because many of our volunteers work during the day, our clinics are held in the evenings. Below is a list of "Our Services" as well as a list of ways to "Get Involved".



Wednesday and Friday 
Same-Day Clinic

We offer in-clinic visits and Virtual Visits. Type of visit is determined when appointment is made. 

Please call at 9am the day of the clinic to be seen that night. 

Clinic hours are 6pm-9pm


Podiatry Clinic

Podiatry Clinic is bi-monthly on the 2nd Wednesday. Appointments by referral from Same-Day Clinic.


Respiratory Clinic 

Respiratory Clinic is on the 3rd Monday of each month. Appointments by referral from Same-Day clinic for treatment for COPD, asthma, allergies, chronic bronchitis, and other respiratory conditions. 

Clinic hours are 6pm-9pm 


Ultrasound Clinic

Screening ultrasound services are offered by referral only


Chronic Care Clinic

Chronic Care Clinic is on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month. By referral from Same-Day Clinic for those with diabetes, high blood pressure,c cholesterol, and thyroid disease. 


Clinic hours are 6pm-9pm 


Procedure Clinic

Procedure Clinic is on the last Wednesday of each month. Appointments by referral from Same-Day Clinic. 


Laboratory Services

On-site in partnership with LapCorp


Dental Clinic

Our dental van clinic is the 2nd Saturday of the month. Safe Harbor Free Clinic works in conjunction with Medical Teams International [MTI] and the University of Washington Dental School to provide dental services. As per MTI requirements, your household income must fall within 250% of the Federal Poverty Level to receive this service. 




Our nursing staff is invaluable in helping the clinics run smoothly and well.  We have openings for two nurses per clinic.  You can choose a regularly scheduled day or you can sign up each month based on your availability.  We accept RNs, LPNs, MAs, and CNAs.  We can use nursing students in need of clinical hours only to the capacity dictated by their current license (scope of practice). 


Our goal is to have two providers for each Same-Day clinic, which means a minimum of 16 provider shifts each month.  We have the ability to assign a regularly scheduled day (i.e. the third Wednesday of the month) or you can sign up each month based on your availability.  


We have a small on-site lab, and while testing is donated by Labcorp, we need qualified volunteers to do blood draws and to prep tests for pickup, as well as perform the few tests we do in-house.  If you are a phlebotomist, or have lab capabilities within your scope of practice, we would be happy to train you to work in our lab.


 We do have a few positions that do not require medical licensure.

· Front Desk / Receptionist

· Medical Scribe

· Spiritual Care

· Resources

· Interpreter

· We also need volunteers to provide a dinner meal for 7-10 people before each clinic . This can be one time or on a regular basis that fits your schedule.